5 car´s maintenance bad habits you should avoid
3 Nov

5 car´s maintenance bad habits you should avoid

Nowadays we are used to get the maintenance of the car done when the kilometers marked by the Brand are reached and sometimes, after starting a long journey or going on vacation. Anyway, it is necessary to take time check some component parts of the car in order to prevent problems.

Here below we are going to list 5 habits you should avoid :

Not checking tyre conditions. Driving with low tyre pressure or worn constitutes a big danger. Apart from causing a waste of fuel, low tyre pressure enlarges stopping distances, the possibility of burst and worses gripo n curve. Worn tyre don´t let water evacuate below them increasing the risk of aquaplaning.


Not having maintenance done at the garaje. Checking brake fluid every two years or getting filters and oil changed every year or every 10.000 kilometers are fundamental tasks to preserve good health of engine.

Not protecting your car´s paint. Many external agents affect to our car´s paint quality that is why we should clean the car´s outsides frequently and specially after a journey. A wax layer will help to protect paint from humidity.

Not waiting until the engine has heated up. Speed is not good and engine´s burnout rockets when it is heavily used during the first kilometers. This is why it is important to wait until the engines water and oil has heated up.

Not minding pilot lights. When a pilot light comes on the problem needs to be tackled inmediatly. User´s manual will show the problem´s nature and gravity.

Avoid these bad habits to extend your car´s life and don´t hesitate to take it to the garage when you need any help about the engine.