The nightmare of loosing the car keys
25 Oct

The nightmare of loosing the car keys

It could be possible, that any given day we realize we don´t have the car keys after checking our pockets. We don´t have a clue about where they could be. Did I leave them at home? Maybe at work? Could they be in the car? Have I lost them?!

As in any event, it is important to remain calm. The first step is trying to guess if there is any car key copy somewhere else. In this case, any family member could help to bring the key where we need but this is not always possible, so the next option is calling our insurance company. They will tow your car.

In the event of not having a copy, we should get in contact with the car manufacturer. They will provide a new key.

In order to prevent this situation it is recommended to have a copy of our car keys. We can have one done at any business with automotive metalwork service. The prices varies depending on the type of the key and the transponder it has.