What is special about Mini-Condor?
27 Nov

What is special about Mini-Condor?

As you may know, Mini-Condor is an electronic key cutting machine. It works with sided, track, dimple and tibbe (Ford and jaguar) type keys.

Its reasonable price and nice performance makes it one of the best automotive locksmith tool.

With this machine you can copy keys really quick using the original key or its code thanks to the software used and the component´s accuracy.

Mini-Condor´s internal software is designed based on the well-known Instacode. It is displayed through the machine´s LCD screen, that is why there is no need to conect it to a computer, working totally standalone. The system ensures the calcullation of the mechanical cut codes by car brand and model when needed (broken key). Updates are downloaded in the program through internet, connecting the tool to a computer.

User´s interface and operation is simple thanks to its touchscreen. There are also traditional buttons and commands to action in case of risk of screen damage.

Wires, adapters, stylies and cutters are included together with a frontal tray to handle other components easily. All of them are changeables without the need of a special tool. Styli and cutter are built on the same stand holder, so the cut is very accurate and the error rate mínimum.

Why buy it?

  • Built-in Databasess
  • Language support: Portuguese/Spanish/French/Germany/Czech/Arabic/Turkish/Dutch/Polish/Bulgarian/Norway/Slovakia/Italian/English/Chinese
  • 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission
  • Cross Rail
  • All Aluminum Machine Body
  • Single machine with both Tracer/Cutter
  • Standardly include clamps
  • Software supports online-update
  • Support Sided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe keys

All of this makes it the most comfortable key cutting machine of the market.

If you want to check its price, you can do it in the product´s file.