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Semi-automatic key cutting machines

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Semi-automatic key cutting machines


The Image key cutting machine is designed for high volume professional users and offers Bit & Double Bit, Pump keys, Flat keys & square keys. It boasts a high quality and robust design offering excellent accuracy and long term performance.

The ergonomic design and broad base gives the machine a stable operation and accurate results.The most striking feature of the Image is how it is inclined towards the operator to offer greatest comfort and control.

The control button are built into the top of the body and operate with quality switches that are protected from contamination. The key clamping can adjust to any size of key with a quick release lever and the follower is conveniently located to make the copying as easy as possible. The calibration check is easy to perform and quickly adjustable.

The design of the control handles makes the cutting of new keys simple and accurate. A grip handle allows control of the depth of cut whilst the long control lever enables fine control of the width of cut. The bed uses maintenance free linear ball bearings which gives a fantastically smooth operation and amazing control.

The lower RPM and quality designed motor makes the Image a very quiet machine, this is important where consistent use and high volumes are involved. To the side a polishing brush enables rough edges and burrs to be polished and assists with stopping the machine.