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The Julie universal emulator allows to:

- Remove the original immobiliser signal.

- Replace the original immobiliser signal.

- Replace the ESL, enabling the car to star.

- Check the EZS on bench.

- Check the correctness of the airbag system.

- Start the tacho on bench.

The Julie emulator includes 72 programs dedicated to hundred of car models and types of ECU. You can chose between (see images for details):

- 43 immo programs.

- 21 seat occupancy sensor programs.

- 8 tacho programs.



2. VW BYPASS GOLD immo OFF (now multiple use!)

3. VW automatic immo ON (now multiple use!)

4. VW without CAN

5. VW - Hitachi

6. VW - Valve Code

7. VW EDC15 immo OFF (now multiple use!)

8. VW EDC15 immo ON (now multiple use!)

9. VW EDC16 K-LINE immo OFF (now multiple use!)

10. VW EDC16 K-LINE immo ON (now multiple use!)

11. VW EDC16 with CAN 1.9 2.0 TDI immo OFF (now multiple use!)

12. VW EDC16 with CAN 1.9 2.0 TDI immo ON (now multiple use!)

13. VW EDC16 with CAN 2.7 3.0 TDI immo OFF (now multiple use!)

14. VW EDC16 with CAN 2.7 3.0 TDI immo ON (now multiple use!)

15. VW ME7 immo OFF (now multiple use!)

16. VW ME7 immo ON (now multiple use!)

17. BMW EWS II and EWS III 3.2 systems

18. Chrysler

19. Citroen, Peugeot with CAN

20. Daewoo 1

21. Daewoo 2

22. Fiat without CAN

23. Fiat with CAN

24. FSO Polonez

25. Honda

26. Kia Sportage 2.0TD

27. Mercedes CR without CAN Infrared

28. Mercedes CR1 with CAN WSP

29. Mercedes CR1 with CAN EZS

30. Mercedes CR1 with CAN infrared

31. Mercedes CR2 with CAN WSP

32. Mercedes ESL - steering wheel column lock emulator

33. Mercedes ESL2 - steering wheel column lock emulator

34. Nissan NATS 4 and 5

35. Opel immo with HC05

36. Renault with CAN

37. Renault without CAN

38. Renault without CAN old ECUs

39. Suzuki with X24C01 memory

40. Suzuki with OKI memory

41. Suzuki 93C56 memory

42. TMS 374 - Citroen, Peugeot, Renault

43. Yamaha

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Bring the biggest database of IMMO OFF files to your workshop!

• Thousands of repair solutions

• Only tested and working files

• File modifications on demand

• No tokens - unlimited access

• Low price - yearly subscription

• Free updates during subscription

More than 8500 solutions available for your workshop are available at any time on PC, Android or iOS!

Immo Bypass database contains:


ECU files are the core of Immo Bypass. Each solution consists of files - original and modified dumps that can be downloaded and programmed into your ECU.

Immo Bypass contains the following file types:

- IMMO OFF: IMMO OFF Files are the majority of our database. These files can be used To permanently remove immobiliser signal in a vehicle.

- VIRGIN/SYNC: Clear your ECU and restore it to factory settings, allowing you to adapt it toanother car.

- EMULATOR: Some solutions require installing an emulator in the ECU. Immo Bypass has ready-to-use files and instructions to make the procedure easier.

- KEY WRITING: Program the values of the key code into the ECU memory.

- PIN: Sometimes it is required to have a security access code to an ECU. PIN solutions in Immo Bypass explain how to calculate this code.

- PICTURES: Detailed pictures and wiring diagrams of every ECU constitute a large portion of our database. Tens of thousands of photos make Immo Bypass undoubtedly the biggest ECU catalogue of all time!

- COMPONENT PHOTOS: High quality photos of ECUs, memories, plugs and other components.

- PINOUTS AND WIRING DIAGRAMS: Tested and easy-to-read pinouts for thousands of ECUs in one place. Sounds helpful, right?

- SOFTWARE SCREENSHOTS: If a solution requires using a third-party software, we will show you how to use it on screenshots.

- DESCRIPTIONS: We provide text instructions that will guide you through the procedures. You will also find car and ECU information included.

- PROCEDURE DESCRIPTIONS: Every solution contains a detailed description to make your work as easy and smooth as possible!

- VEHICLE AND ECU INFORMATION: Most of ECUs in our database are well described and connected to a specific car where it is mounted.

- TECH SUPPORT: Users with active Immo Bypass subscription can use our Official Technical Support.

There are two ways to use it:

- Ask for help with an existing Immo Bypass solution

- Ask for your own file modification

And, most importantly, support on the Forum is provided by our professional Technical Experts!