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- How to buy? Buying at is very simple. You only have to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the category, sub-category and product.
  2. View the product (s) you are interested in. Through a click you will get an enlargement of the photograph to see the product, reference and price.
  3. Select an item and add the item to the basket. Then you can choose to continue buying or process the order.
  4. If you want to continue buying, repeat the process but if you want to process the order, register.
  5. Once you have entered your information, check that it is correct and press "confirm".
  6. Choose the way to send the order and make sure the shipping and billing address are correct.
  7. Select a payment method: Transfer, Paypal, ...
  8. Confirm the order.
  9. You will receive an email confirming your order.

- Is it safe to buy at

Yes. You can buy with total peace of mind because we dedicate a great effort in having resources with which to guarantee the security of your purchases and your data.

- What are the methods of payment?

We invite you to go to the section Secure Payment . < / p>

- How long does it take to avoid my order?

The shipping costs are detailed in the shopping cart at the time of placing the order. Payment of the order can only be made by bank transfer or paypal transfer.

The delivery time of the order will be 24/48 hours after the payment is verified.

- Why use a verified PayPal account?

ONLY MEMBERS VERIFIED (confirmed) FROM PAYPAL (VERIFIED PAYPAL MEMBERS) can pay for their orders through the PayPal system.

Before paying for an order through PayPal, please check the status of your PayPal account (Verified or Unverified).

To verify (confirm) your account please go to this link:

Why do I have to verify my account?

  • You can buy more - For members of the system with Verified status of the account, no limitation of the payment amount is provided.
  • Highest Security - Verification will not only allow you to increase the security level of your operations but will also inform other PayPal members that you are a confirmed member.
  • More trust between the buyer and the payer - The verified status ( Verified ) of your account will make a good impression on your buyers and sellers

What does it mean to be a verified user?

Verification increases the level of security in the PayPal network. The verified members successfully passed our verification system (PayPal's Verification system) to confirm their identity. The verification procedure may be different in certain countries and regions.

Two ways to receive verified status

  • Add and confirm your bank account
  • Register the PayPal Plus Credit Card. To request the PayPal Plus Credit Card, click on the Plus Card link at the bottom of any PayPal page.

Can users living outside the US receive the Verified status?


Yes. Users who live outside the US receive the status Verified (Verified) .

Why are PayPal members asked to receive Verified status?

PayPal asks all its members to receive Verified status in order to raise the level of security and trust in our paid community. As financial associations usually control correspondingly the status of their clients' accounts, the verification procedure in PayPal allows to make sure during payments and collections to unknown contractors.

What are the advantages of verification?

The verification provides more information about the people with whom you perform l