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Xhorse MINI PROG, a professional smart programming device, provides users the most portable chip programming solution. The 3 different pin headers can be easily switched to read and write different chips and to satisfy different demands. The smart screen on the top of MINI PROG clearly shows the real-time working status. MINI PROG can be connected to your smartphone to intelligently complete the chip programming works via Bluetooth and WiFi.

This new MINI PROG is the result of intelligence and speed to provide users easier programming solutions.

You can do the programming work anywhere, your house, car garage, workshop, office, outdoor, coffee shop, car etc. Just take it any where, and make it any time!

3 Detect Connectors (Test Heads) Suitable for various Transponders.

VVDI Mini Prog feature

- Portable; Easy to use

- No need to remove chip

- No need soldering

- No need to cut the wire

- No need to lift the pin

What's the function of the new MINI Prog?

- Directly read & write data without soldering

- Support reading & writing EEPROM data

- Support reading & writing ECU data

- Reading & writing of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen DFLASH and PFLASH data.

- Reading & writing of board info on Honda, Kia and Hyundai.

- Accurately identify the pin connection status

- Support repair of multiple modules

- Connect to the APP via WiFi or Bluetooth; Connect to your smartphone (Android, IOS)

- Support data local & cloud storage

- Battery-powered device; Easy to use

- More functions coming soon

- Connect MINI PROG to the Xhorse App via Bluetooth & Wifi.


- DB15 Cable * 1 pc

- EEPROM Adapter * 1pc

- Pin Header 1 supports reading DIP8 chip

- Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip

- Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip