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Reference: ZEDFULL
Condition: New product


Zed Full Basic Package features:

1) All transponder cloning (ts46 , TS48 , CN2 and 8C cloning included too)

2) Remote frequencimeter and Infrared tester

3) 100 credits + 1 month free using or 600 credits free

4) Credits usage available

Zed Full can be purchased using the following modalities:

1) LIFS is susbscription of all softwares, e.g. ; when a user purchases 3 month LIFES will be able to use all optional zedfull softwares without limits during this period – no need to buy tokens

2) Tokens purchase: each token is 0,5 €

3) Buy software

Other optional features include:

1) Programming key , remote , Pincode reading and Precoding chip via obd

2) Programming Key , Pincode reading , Precoding Chip via eeprom/MCU application

3) Standalone Eeprom/MCU programmer

4) Unlock remotes

5) Unlock Transponders

6) Precoding Transponders on antenna

7) Remote Cloning

8) Mifare cards and TAGs cloning

9) Able to clone 46, 4d without internet connection.

10) Fiat ECU reset

11) Many kind of Pincode calculation tools - online or offline

It includes a bag for easy carrying.