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Reference: TANGO-FULL
Condition: New product


Tango programmer is a new generation of transponder programmer which is developed to read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.

After generating a new transponder with TANGO Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! It will start the car directly.

It includes the following software:


Opel key maker

Mercedes cars key maker

Mercedes trucks key maker

Toyota key maker

Honda motorcycles (HITAG2) key maker

Chrysler key maker

Renault cars key maker

Renault trucks key maker

Rover key maker

Iveco trucks key maker

Ford cars key maker

Chevrolet (GMC) key maker

Dacia key maker

Citroen key maker

Fiat key maker

Isuzu key maker

Peugeot key maker

Ducati key maker

Cadillac key maker

Gilera & Piaggio (ST10..MCU) key maker key maker

Alfa Romeo key maker

Lancia key maker

Dodge key maker

Daihatsu key maker

Suzuki key maker

Ferrari key maker

Jeep key maker

Nissan key maker

Volvo key maker

Component Security Viewer

Synchro maker Volvo

Dump editor BCM2

Reset of Toyota/Lexus/Subaru Smart Keys 40,80,128 bit

SLK-02 maker

SLK-03 maker

SLK-04 maker

SLK-05 maker

Toyota Image Generator G-KeysPage1 36,56,96,37,57

Toyota+: OBD Reset European cars based on G-immoboxes

Toyota Dump Editor – Synchro Engine ECU, Smartkey ECU, ID Code Box, Steering Lock ECU

Daihatsu Image Generator G-Keys

BMW motorcyles (DST80) key maker

Toyota Image Generator H-Keys: Page1 39, 59, 5A, 99

BCM2 key maker (Audi A4/A5/Q5)