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Reference: BTP-884-PACK
Condition: New product


Key Line®

This set includes Bluetooth battery with Bluetooth technology and software for precoding Fiat keys.

Keyline BLUETOOTH & POWER ADAPTOR is the next-generation rechargeable battery with Bluetooth technology to use 884 Decryptor Mini wirelessly. There are many advantages: perfect integration, no need for power cables and longer duration of use. Maximum flexibility.

With Bluetooth & Power Adaptor, 884 Decryptor Mini can be managed from any smartphone and tablet*, Android and iOS**, thus opening the door to cloning with Apple devices.

Its stable and long-term charge (up to 10 hours with continuous use) makes 884 Decryptor Mini even more flexible and able to meet the needs of all automotive specialists that want to offer a cloning service anywhere.

Use is immediate: enable the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone or tablet and access the Keyline Cloning Tool App; 884 Decryptor Mini and the battery will automatically be recognized by your device allowing you to immediately start cloning wirelessly. At the first power, please select the 884 Decryptor Mini with which you want to connect, in the menu "Cloning devices", then save the Bluetooth & Power Adaptor in the menu "My Products".

Bluetooth & Power Adaptor is easy and rechargeable via PC connection (Windows or Mac) or battery power. In addition, during charging, 884 Decryptor Mini can be used continuously.