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Reference: LIFS12
Condition: New product


LIFS subscriptions will be activated only in devices supplied by Key-Code

During LIFS term, to get credits you should click on “Syncronisation” button on PC Software.

During LIFS term, each time you syncronise your Zed-FULL from PC Software, credits will be fixed to 1000

During LIFS term, Zed-FULL will operate like it is in Credit based System, but in LIFS term all credits will be free for your usage.

During LIFS Term, all new software updates will be free for your Zed-FULL.

All new hardware requirements should be purchased.

At the end of the LIFS term, once you connect the Zed-FULL to PC software, all credits loaded to the device because of LIFS will be erased from the device. You will need to load credits to Zed-FULL from your credit bank.